It’s A Drag

September 4, 2018 –  Are you clearing land or working on a lake project? President/CEO of JOHNSON LAND & HOME Brad Johnson explains one of his favorite methods of readying a property for such an endeavor.  “After the heavy equipment pulls out, one of the most effective and economical ways to smooth ground quickly is with a drag. A basic drag is a frugal alternative to a multifaceted flexible drag with detachable components, and can be as simple as a surplus chunk of I-beam, pipe, railroad tie or timber lying around the ranch. Widths can vary from eight feet to sixteen feet, depending on your tractor’s horsepower. On our ranches, providing that the conditions aren’t too wet or rough, we will even break out the ranch pickup to pull the drag. Whatever drag you choose, it needs to be virtually indestructible. The drag needs to be heavy enough that when you pull, it smooths the ground instead of just riding over the top of it.”

“We also find dragging our grazing pastures, as well as our hay fields in the early spring and periodically throughout the year, can serve to spread manure, loosen the soil, and stimulate growth. Always remember too, one great by-product of spending up-close time on the land is a better awareness of your soil, fencing, livestock and wildlife, and their health.”