Oktoberfest in Texas

September 22, 2018 –  As October approaches, our thoughts naturally drift off to fall colors, pumpkins on the porch, spicy apple-cinnamon smells… but we can’t forget one of the best autumn celebrations- Oktoberfest. Fortunately, we at JOHNSON LAND & HOME are close enough to experience it nearby in Muenster, Texas! On October 6th and 7th, you can go enjoy all this small town has to offer, including traditional delicacies and games. One game played is the Bavarian contest known as Masskrugstemmen, where players test their endurance by holding out a five pound, beer-filled stein, for as long as they can without spilling. There are also several different races, food vendors and great polkas going on throughout the weekend.  Check out all the details about this historical event in Muenster here.