Ranch Land Blog

Make it rain! Someone was listening as many consider the six year long drought in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado to be on it’s way out. “The grass and overall condition of the land is like no one has seen in close to 50 years”, says Brad Johnson, president and CEO of JOHNSON LAND & HOME, LLC. “Springs that haven’t flowed in years are coming back. We’re seeing elk and antelope twins and in some rare cases, triplets. The Mule Deer are rebounding as well, all signs of the power of moisture on the land”.

Ranch land is on the rebound as availability in New Mexico, Colorado, as well as Texas, is at a new low. Conversely, prices are coming down as oil and gas revenue decreases. “We are seeing folks who normally have a lot of disposable income geared towards ranch land having to dedicate that income to oil interests. Land is still the best and safest investment, and we have many active buyers looking to be in ranches and ranch land”.